Monday, June 11, 2007

This past weekend :-)

It was a sort of busy weekend. We were geared up to go kayaking Saturday afternoon, and then chill out at the beach to a live Jazz band right on the boardwalk. And that is exactly what we did. The kayaking was supposed to be out in the ocean, but the wind kicked up and it was too choppy. So we went up Owl Creek, by the Virginia Aquarium (or whatever it is called now). As you can see from the picture below, Brandon just laid out and napped. :-) I should have worn a hat as I got a little sunburned on my head. Brandon said "I'm glad I have a full head of hair." Yeah, laugh it up fuzz ball. :-) The jazz band was great too. A few people from the kayaking group met us out there. Sunday morning we thought about trying to get out in the ocean again, but it was kind of dreary. We did some chores, watched a few episodes of the Avatar season 2, and then headed to dodgeball practice. I got a haircut in between. Dodgeball was a lot of fun. It looks like the league will be too. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing chores.

We had our first volleyball games tonight. Beach Volleyball. We did pretty well. We went 3 and 1. Brandon got to jump in the water, and he and I spent a little while playing stickball with a stick he found and a raquet ball we brought with us. Not a bad end to the night really.

Maybe ocean kayaking on Saturday morning before his mom gets him? We'll see. Have to see what bands are playing this week too.

As you can see we had quite a large group. This armada was actually missing two kayaks. One stayed back to help another.


  1. I always think my weekends are so busy, then I come here and I realize, Wow! All I've done is run around and get in and out of a mini! You guys have conquered it! Looks like you had fun!

  2. I'm with miss kick ass rack there. I'm always going around like I have so much to do on the weekends. But the stuff you do is amazing. How do you find time to do that? Weekends here are for laundry and house cleaning! :(

    Yet again another hobby that I'd like to get into. Except this one is something that Summer would like to get into as well. We've both talked about buying 2 2 person kayaks. that way each of us could have one kid. Although oldest is pretty muck big enough for his own now though.

  3. Confession:
    I have to choose every weekend, either go out and do some fun stuff, or stay home do tons of chores and deal with the oppositional defiant child I have had to deal with all week. So, I try to fill the weekend up with fun. It means laundry doesn't always get done, dishes sometimes lay around, cars may not get washed, the garage may not get cleaned, the drive has needed to be swept for months even. I really need to get Brandon out spending more time with his friends though. I would love to hook up with some other parents to do these things or even just bring some other kids along so he can share time with his friends.


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