Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shitty Blog Survivor game! Task 1

The contest has begun. I think everyone considers me an underdog, which I am! But it will be fun while it lasts. :-) Check out the link on the right column below. I am probably out of my league with the other fantastic people that are participating so check out their blogs!

Journal for week 1 and Slogan!

Shitty Blogs Club: It is real. Reality ain't pretty, it's shitty. :-)

Looking at some of the other blogs, and blogs around the net, I find that there is a bit of honesty and truth out there that isn't readily evident when you are with most people face to face. We tend to be a bit reserved in person. But reality isn't so polished for most of us. I think most people have a bit of turmoil, doubt, fear, etc in their lives. We also get to share our victories, real or imagined, our hope, and the great things that happen to us as well. Reality is just messy, an amalgamation of good and bad things that make up our lives. Our ups and downs. Our successes and mistakes.



  1. Don't forget that very, very often the Underdog slides under the radar and wins the whole shootin' match.
    Plus Underdog? Yeah, I used to want to marry him when I was a kid--even though he was a flying cartoon dog.

    And PS Your slogan and Mangos are my favorites.

  2. Monty, you say that to everyone! ;)

    I love it when the Underdog wins!


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