Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nothing like....

A bottle of Chianti to make the world a little brighter.

A whole bottle.

Enough to make me wonder what the hell I'm typing here.

I'm definitely buzzing right now. My teeth are purple. I'm ready to confess lots of things...just ask. :-) LOL

I ran this morning. Going to run again tomorrow. I listen to the Fray, How to save a life the whole time. That is my theme song with my son. You should get it too.

I recommend Da Vinci Chianti. Should be able to get it anywhere, but definitely at Kroger. Delicious. Only $12 a bottle here. So, I drank $12 tonight. I wasn't planning on drinking the bottle, just a glass or two.

I put a contract offer on a house tonight. I doubt they will take the offer. $40K less than what they want. But I am a single parent, one income, it is what I can afford. We'll see. They leave at the end of the week for Ohio. The house has been on the market since January.

Ok going to bed now, have to get up tomorrow and run, but need to run one more lap than I did today. Today was an awful day at work. So much to do, lots of emergencies.

Over and out, will write tomorrow, but not inebriated. It's too hard to read and type at the same time....the damn screen keeps moving.



  1. But if you go to bed then I can't have a drunken phone convo that you won't remember!

  2. Blogging 101: Don't drink and blog.

    Blogging 102: Google is forever.


  3. Geez, never offer confessions on a whole bottle of wine. Those are to stories you'll most regret the next day.

    Hope you have some aspirin ready for the morning.

  4. Emily:
    I was on the phone with a friend, and I'm sure I said some things that...well.... :-)

    If you have that rule book, I'd like a copy! I suppose I should ask if you have one for dating, parenting, house buying, friendships, surfing, and so forth. :-)

    I do have aspirin, but not feeling hung over, thankfully. If today is going to be like yesterday I'm just going to go home sick, hang over or not. The wine was consumed over a couple of hours so it wasn't so bad. :-)

  5. oh wine... the great lip (and thoughts) liberator.

  6. 101


    I'm gonna let you handle those others on your own. ;)


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