Thursday, May 31, 2007

A perfect evening?

No traffic on the way home today! Has me seriously wondering what was wrong.

Picked up Brandon from the YMCA and went home to eat. Put the bikes on the back of the truck and headed down to 45th street at the beach. Parked, disembarked the bikes, headed to the boardwalk, and down to 31st Street to hear Butter. It was warm, sunny, and just amazing. We sat and listened to the band, then Brandon struck up a game of soccer with some other boys there. They had blast while I watched them, soaked up the music and the last rays of the sun for the day, and stretched my legs/joints. When the band was done with that set, we set out for the truck. We were home right at 8pm. Brandon took his medicine and went to bed. :-) I had time to read some blogs and write this entry before succumbing to sweet slumber.

Not sexy, not glamorous, didn't meet anyone (hell, didn't even talk to anyone), not terribly exciting, but it was a snippet in time that I can call mine, where my son and I sang a few songs together with the band and just enjoyed an evening. One day maybe I'll get to share it with someone and some more children, someone that can appreciate it, me, my son, and having a family all together making a memory out of a nice summer evening. Or maybe that is too much to hope for?



  1. Never too much to wish for and it sounded like a perfect day to me.


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