Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blog-a-thon continues....

The Difference

There was a change you see, in you and me,
We are not the same as we used to be,
Fifteen years since eighty-eight,
Changes wrought by choice and fate.

Possibly we were doomed from the start,
Two different people worlds apart,
But opposites attract as you know,
Eventually opposite ways they must go.

I was a brainiac, you were not,
You were religious, I was not,
Very few interests were on common ground,
Very little commonality could be found.

Friends we started out as and should have stayed,
But then there was the night I was saved,
The beginning of the merge between you and I,
But somewhere it stopped in the by and by.

I chose a different path than the one we were on,
I thought you were with me and so I moved on,
I thought we were growing closer not apart,
So when troubles came, they shredded our hearts.

I’m not the same person you married you see,
I became a new creature, with a new philosophy,
But now I’ve reverted back to the person you knew,
When we first met and all was brand new.

I’m sorry it happened, I didn’t plan it this way,
It was a culmination of our choices on the way,
We can’t change the beginning or anything since,
Our Choices and Fate have made the difference.

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