Monday, May 14, 2007


So Saturday evening, my son and I both have a box of whoppers, and we are sharing a large coke, getting ready to enjoy spiderman 3. During one of the previews, I take another sip of coke. My son is concerned about the amount of coke I have consumed to this point, and he should be. I can suck down vast quantities of any liquid before even I realize it. As my hand slips over and grabs the cup again, I pull it out of it's holder, and begin to lift it to my lips. The very loud preview we were watching suddenly ends at that moment. The silence in the theater is amazing. Everyone is rapt, waiting the next carefully crafted and momentous assault on their senses. However, my son was already in motion, breath exhaling, vocal cords vibrating, just fractions of a second before the preview clip ended. The silence was obliterated by a small child. One small child. My child. His piercing high pitched voice frantic with fear that his coke might disappear, broadcasts through three theaters, "DAD!!!! Don't Drink it AAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!" The explosion of laughter throughout the theater must have been terrifically gratifying for my child, the lover of all things attention-focused on him.

Sunday, it was rumored that Spiderman and his Spiderchild visited Seashore state park in Virginia Beach. There have been reports that this dynamic duo raced through the park, jumping over and onto trees, then springing off again with amazing agility and dizzying acrobatics. They were rather chaotic, and it is amazing neither sustained any injuries, especially the older one. There really isn't anything better than taking a child through a forest or swamp, and showing the things that are there, great and small.


  1. Ah...the good thing about those grown up superheroes is how they can regenerate! And how they have to! Every day's an adventure!

  2. "jumping over and onto trees," gotta get my eyes checked. I read this three times before I realized it didn't say "into" trees.

  3. FDKG - At 38, I'm not regenerating so fast anymore! But I love playing the superhero with the kids, jumping over things, running, swimming, throwing, climbing. Children are just amazing.

    Jules - LOL. I'm going to invest in a set of reading glasses here very shortly, as recommended by my doctor. Fortunately though, no one slipped and accidentally jumped into a tree instead of on. Less regeneration required that way...

  4. I would have been laughing right along with the theater if I had heard your son's comments. Sorry CCD, that was too funny :)

    Sunday sounded like a spider-riffic day had by all.

  5. That's awesome. I'm glad no injuries were sustained in the theater. *heh*

    We're going exploring in the Big Forest later today, but somehow I don't think jumping into onto or otherwise over trees is in the plan.


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