Monday, May 07, 2007

Things to watch when nothing is on....

My son and I will watch movies while we eat dinner sometimes. We also watch the discovery channel and animal planet. We don't do this often mind you, but on occasion. Tonight was Discovery "What the ancients knew" and they talked about the ancient Chinese and their various inventions that it took the west hundreds or thousands of years to catch up to. We had dinner, followed by brownies and ice cream. :-)

But, when there is truly nothing on then I can recommend the following....

Monty writes about the following link, TV Links and it is a huge collection of tv shows, movies, and more. Check it out, but don't blame me if you get hooked.

The other is Joost.

I haven't tried either one but I am looking forward to it. I lag behind most tv shows by a couple of years. Pop Culture is a category of trivia I will always be terrible at. I generally just do not have the time.

Have a night, a day, a week, a month. Unplug for a bit. I did this past weekend and it did me some good. I got to talk to Jules last night and that was very encouraging. I started looking through blogs to find people that were at the very least single parents, and hoping to find some folks that I could relate to with a special needs child. The blogs to the right are a good start! Jules and Monty are always a great read with unique perspectives. Anyone that is willing to reach out and just lend a listening and empathetic ear is particularly special. It was so nice to talk to someone that has been through what I am going through.

Today was a better day. I started with a run (nearly killed me, but not quite), had a good day at work (not bad for a Monday), had a good workout this evening, and like I said above, finished with a brownie and ice cream. :-) I work out so I can eat you know.

And now a picture. The biggest BAUS (Big Ass Ugly Spider) spider I have ever had the misfortune to see in person. From Robbers Cave State Park, somewhere east of McAllister, OK, July 2002. I can palm a basketball, and this thing was nearly the size of my hand. I almost backed into it trying to get a picture of the second largest BAUS spider I have ever had the misfortune of seeing in person. I still shudder at the thought of what might have been.....



  1. I'm here by way of Theatre of the Absurd. I just found her through another blog so I'm not sure what her name is!
    I've tried a night without tv and someone in the house always turns it on, and it doesn't matter that no one is sitting down to watch something.
    My 11 year old son is Autistic. The many specialists we have seen have added on severly ADHD, OCD, Tourette's Syndrome, and last and very least, slight mental retardation.
    I rarely write about him, but I'm not sure why.
    I'll be back to read more,it's the least I could do after writing a mini post on your comments!

  2. Shannon,
    We're still not sure of what is really going on with Brandon. Between the various Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical this or that, and other unlicensed but highly opinionated sources he could be Asperger's, ODD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, CD, depressed, under challenged, Explosive Child, and probably a host of other things. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe a new diagnosis? Adderall seemed to really help for most of the year, but maybe spring fever and growth spurt are throwing everything off. I think the boy has grown two inches in the last month. That and my own issues over the past six months trying to get past a failed relationship have probably led to this downturn. Hopefully he can pickup and coast through the end of the year. One day at a time. :-)

    Jules from Theater of the Absurd is Fantastic and I just found her blog not too long ago myself. Now it is a daily read. There are some other good ones in the blog list I put up and I already need to add some more, including yours. That was awesome of Scott to take Ethan out by the way!

  3. Hey man...

    Just stoppin' by and sharin' the love. I'm a friend of Jules'...if you click on "Musings of a chick", that's me.

    Hang in there, man...

  4. Hi Mike :) I found you through One Biscuit Hound. My oldest son Daniel has SID, and I have two other children as well.

    The BAUS is your best friend on the whole planet - it's called a garden spider, and it lives on mosquitoes.

  5. That's just an old Garden spider. They're good as gold for killing the bad critters.

  6. :-) Garden spider mutant? It was huge and still gives me the Heebie Jeebies. I didn't mess with them at all though. I always leave spiders alone in their element because they do so much pest control. Now, if only they ate chiggers....because I got an infestation of those buggers sometime during that hike....

  7. It was good talking with you, but I must warn ever get me around one of those BAUS things and I'll be climbing all over you....and NOT in a good way. I hate spiders.
    Almost as much as I love sex!

  8. Jules' cracks me up.
    Yeah, those spiders can get an easy half a foot in diameter.

  9. It's good to have a healthy respect for both spiders and sex, but never ever together. Though, I have been out with a couple of women that have been like Dick's description of the tick he found recently.

  10. I was okay till I got to the BAUS, then I screamed and ran away like a little girl.


  11. Ok, it was Phaedrus that had the tick description...getting the various blogs mixed up in my head.

    That THING lives in your state, and it has family. There were several near the stream and they were certainly well fed. Looked big enough to eat small birds. So if you have any on your property, and I show up to mow, I'm not getting near them ok?


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