Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rock Climbing....

My son and I went rock climbing last night. We have been doing this every couple of months for about four years now. We have been more active with it lately. It is a blast. Brandon loves it. We tried a new place last night, a local sporting goods store. The employees belay you and the walls are more challenging and higher than our local rock gym. Tuesday's are 2 for 1 nights. $3 for adults ($2 for children), two climbs, and they belay and provide all of the gear. That rocks, pun intended! We'll probably end up there every Tuesday night from now on.

Check out local rock gyms around you. Most have a kids time where the employees belay the kids. It is usually coupled with a belay class for adults. Kids that like to climb (like my son and I) usually love the experience and it completely wears them out! Guaranteed nap time after the session. :-)

Brandon on the wall in 2003...



  1. We have a large scale recreation facility where I live with a rock wall and boulder climbing area. My oldest son can climb those things like a monkey. He's truly at the top and back down before I've even had time to pay for the sessions!

    Apparently, when he's not dreaming of being a basketball star, he's training to be some type of super hero!

  2. I've always wanted to do this. Maybe I will some day.


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