Friday, May 18, 2007

Math and Sciences Academy...

The principal of the Math and Sciences academy called today. Brandon has been offered a seat next year. Normally I would be jumping up and down and very excited. However, I now need to talk with a number of people about whether it would be better to stay where he is, and whether he can go and still get the ED attention he needs. I have already misunderstood the academy situation once and I can't afford to make a mistake with this.

I guess he really did do great on the exam! :-) He is going to be SO THRILLED!

He won't be thrilled that no one called him back about his request to go see his friend today. He called from school asking if he could ride their bus home, but neither the child or parent called him back to say he was welcome. I didn't think they would, but it hurts him most of all.

Have a great weekend. I have a lot planned for us, going to be busy.


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