Saturday, May 12, 2007

A post-a-thon....why not....

Ok,it is now 2:20 am. Another poem. Sorry, but I feel like sharing, so if you decide to read, I apologize now. The poems aren't great, but I use them to capture some emotion or thought. Some are too energetic, too expansive, or too painful to capture yet, but I'm sure everyone involved is hoping that it quits soon...

In the mean time, a poem about my son, me, and getting older.

A Reflection

A melancholy mood struck me today,
And I started reflecting on life’s journey,
I am the father of a little boy,
Whose antics are causing me to worry.

That little boy has boundless energy,
He bounces through this world in flurry,
Climbing and flipping, consequences? He doesn’t care,
He only wants to satisfy his endless curiosity.

I started thinking of another little one,
Who loved to play in rain and sun,
He climbed roofs, set fires, and walked city streets alone,
One that knew no consequences, until after the deed was done.

This little boy believed that every day was Christmas,
And that over every hill was a magic kingdom,
He looked at the clouds and imagined playing on them,
Somewhere, these little children still live within us.

Our daily battles are hard fought, and our wisdom is hard won,
The Magic of our childhood is lost, and maturity has begun,
But stop and reflect, let a child remind you,
Regardless of the consequences, don’t forget to have some fun.

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