Saturday, May 12, 2007

poem-a-thon may be more apt....

The Dots

Have you ever looked closely at a TV screen?
Up close the picture is not what it seems.
It’s a mixture of dots colored red, blue, and green
Like our lives, up close, things are not what they seem.

There is a filter over MY Picture in the frame.
Some things are covered for which I am ashamed.
Or maybe they’re shielded to make you less afraid.
The picture, through filter, just isn’t the same.

I use my own filters when looking at others lives,
Filters upon filters, they build over time,
A jumble of dots is what’s left on the outside,
Connect them together, you’ll have a vague outline.

But if it’s truly ME you want to see,
Pull away the filters to get underneath,
Willing to remove your own filters you must be,
If you want the full picture of the dots that are me.

Then connect the dots, one by one.
You will see a true picture of me has begun.
The dots are not dots but experiences in time,
Only by knowing them, can I be defined.

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