Saturday, May 12, 2007


An FWB that went a little too far...You can tell by the poem. Again, A while back, but after the end of my marriage, now just a poem I forget I have....

The Faerie

The fates and the faerie conspired against me,
Red hair, blue eyes, a major vulnerability,
Wonderful smile, intelligent, my recent tragedy,
I’m such a pathetic target, why bother me?

My defenses are gone but I ask her out,
A knockout lunch, I’m out for the count,
Sky lights, blue shirt, her eyes steal your soul,
I’ve fallen head first into that rabbit’s hole.

A friendship, nothing more, I try to say,
She’s in my thoughts every minute, every day,
Each conversation leaves me yearning for more,
I’ve never been struck like this before.

Like Elvish Magic are her voice and her stare,
Leaving you wondering how you got there,
Dull is the noon sun compared to her laugh,
All I want is each moment to last and to last.

Maybe it was the timing that led to my doom,
Too much, too deep, too “attached”, too soon,
We talked every night, spent weekends together,
I still spend every moment dreaming of her.

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  1. This one hit close to home for me. I'm trying hard to "ignore" the need to call my FWB. We talk all the time, but I'm starting to realize it's mostly initiated by me. Sure, he participates, and says he enjoys it, and always seems to be truly involved....for the moment. But I need to back off and let him alone for a while. To see if something real can come of it or not.

    Sadly, I suspect it will be "not".


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