Monday, May 28, 2007

Poetry from a were warned...

Disposable Love

The recycle bin is full again,
But don’t you know, it’s a sin,
The things we use, then refuse,
Like most of life, it’s all a ruse,
A shame that people are in that category,
Good for now, with cast-off upgradeability,
Like the empty milk carton today,
When it’s gone it’s cast away,
The three year old iPod is broken,
Fix it? It’s a useless token,
No loyalty, get a brand new one,
But all it needed was a little attention,
Our relationships are like those above,
A few years old, disposable love.

On a lighter note, got out to see a great band last night, BUTTER. They play a great mix of cover songs from the eighties, nineties, and this decade. Spent a couple of hours dancing, which is remarkable given the state of my knees from my bike rides this weekend. Had a 45 minute run this morning, energized and motivated from the band and dancing last night. I'm realizing that some of my aches and pains may not go away until I start pushing some more. The poem above was inspired a little from my experiences over the past year and one or two songs I heard between the sets last night. I'm rather surprised my car didn't get towed, as I misread the signs last night and parked in a towing zone. I had a ticket, that is bad enough. Sigh, live and learn.

Huey Lewis & the News plays Friday night at the beach! I'll be taking my son to that one. Butter opens for Better than Ezra and Sugar Ray Saturday at the beach, and Butter plays Sunday afternoon at the beach. They also play Thursday early evening too so my son and I will probably go to that one also. I'm becoming a Butter sad...but the beach is just down the street, good live music, so why not? :-)

Have a great Memorial day everyone. Be safe....but push the edge, just a little.



  1. I'm jealous. You got to go to the beach and listen to music. No...wait...I got laid. Scratch that jealousy stuff. ;)

  2. :-) Yeah, you definitely CAME out ahead there Jules!

  3. heh...after those comments, I don't even know where to go with this!

  4. well nice to know that there is other people out there having fun now I don't feel to bad about my self and my crazy weekend keep it up ;0)Ace

  5. What fun. We went for a 7 mile hike only to find ourselves in the midst of a fair with rides etc at the half way point! A fun and surprising afternoon. (I even got some sun!)


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