Saturday, May 19, 2007


I was up late Friday night talking with a fellow blogger that has a child very similar to mine. I believe he has it a little worse though. Until people have seen it, it is very difficult to believe what these children are capable of. The frustrating part about it is that neither the child or anyone else really knows why. It was a great conversation though. My counselor said that we may be laying the groundwork for a new disorder / diagnosis. GRRRR. I do not need or want that. Stop by to say some words of encouragement to Confusedhusband and family. They could use some right now.

Of course, the conversation meant that I missed my first chance of listening to Monty's show but I have been listening a little today at Podomatic.

So, I slept in today. I was supposed to help a friend move in the morning, but she called and said she got a moving company. Thank God. I pulled a muscle playing softball Friday night. My Gluteus Maximus. Not my hamstring, not my quad, not my groin, my ass. Nothing like running like lighting to catch a ball, calling everyone off, and then missing it because the next step felt like you just got shot in your ass. No I'm trying hot and cold and lots of motrin to repair it. Volleyball practice is Sunday, and I want to go out surfing early Sunday morning if I can. Rock climbing Sunday afternoon. My son and I are a little busy this weekend. Not to mention that work called in with an issue so I am spending a little time on that too.

We went kayaking out on the beautiful Back Bay Wildlife refuge today. When we got there, no one else was there yet. Just a dog. A pretty dog. Looked like a cross between a Yellow Lab and a Weimaraner. She adopted my son and I immediately. No one else from the group showed up, so my son and I went out for a paddle by ourselves. Well, the dog came too. Seriously. I thought it was going to drown, so I paddled in some to where the dog could touch again and then it went to shore. We paddled on our way again. The dog followed on land this time, barking like crazy. We paddled into the marsh and figured the dog would give up. She didn't. We went a ways in, then turned around. Brandon was tired and my pulled muscle was starting to hurt. As soon as we turned around, there was the dog. I was astonished. Crazy dog. She followed us back too.

Just as we got back, a woman from the group that was supposed to meet us at 2pm showed up. We talked for a bit while making sure my son didn't get bit by the water snakes he found. The dog came bounding back shortly too. I felt bad, I would have gone back out, but my rear end was cramping awfully bad in the kayak, so no going back out.

We stopped at a local fitness store on the way home. They carry Thule rack systems and I need a kayak carrier for my car. We ate lunch/dinner at Quiznos. All I can say is Cheesesteak Prime Rib. Drool. We came home and I got the call from work, so I did what I needed to do for a bit. A friend of mine is in town so we met them out at the Chesapeake Jubilee. It is a big fair out here. Saturday nights are fireworks. Josh Kelley was also playing. I was half listening to him when I could not believe what I was hearing. The dude played Laudy daudy from Doug E Fresh /Slick Rick / and the Get Fresh Crew. He didn't rap it though. I know the whole rap/rhyme. I used to break dance (kind of) in high school, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I was trying to teach him the helicopter move last week. :-) The fireworks were amazing!

So tomorrow is surfing, breakfast with a good friend, volleyball practice, rock climbing, pizza, and then try to make it to a friend's bbq. I have a friend from Maryland coming down this week for training too. Lots going on right now.

Also, stop in and see Cynical Dad. His son was just diagnosed with Autism.



  1. Hmm. I thought I'd commented already. Oh well, I'm still #1 (for once)!

    Personally, I think that strange weird doggie did a wonderful job of keeping your cramped achy butt out of a huge mess. And watersnakes??!!??

    'Scuse me while I go quietly freak out.

  2. :-) The dog was pretty fantastic. I wanted to take her home really.

    Brandon was very excited about the snakes. I catch them when I can so he can see them up close. Normally Gardner snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, and the like. We haven't caught any in while though.


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