Sunday, May 20, 2007

June 14th....

Three more weeks of school. Two weeks if I can convince his mom to get him early...I mean seriously, what are they going to do the last week, especially when two of the four days they are in school are early dismissal? We had no snow days this year so I was hoping it would be even earlier than it is anyway.


  1. School is out here in two weeks. Some around us get out this week. I'm ill prepared for this fact! Must sit down with the camp guides and such and make my calendar in earnest.

    Your weekends sound jam packed. Part of me wants a nap now after catching up with all you did in those 24 hours! Hope your week is well!

  2. This is the last week of school for my far? They've been watching movies in class, going to the park and a roller-skating field trip...I don't see that your boy will miss anything if he skips the last week!! :)


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