Saturday, May 12, 2007

Week days and Saturdays...

The week is hustle and bustle for us. Up at the last possible moment in the morning. To School just before tardy. To work in enough time to work eight hours and still get home to get my son by 6:00pm. Exercise or not exercise. Home to cook dinner. Do something for a few minutes with Brandon, TV, Game, something, then Brandon goes to bed. I am up for a little while making phone calls, reading blogs, writing blogs, email, bills, etc. Then we do it again the next day. Some days I forget to breathe, and it shows. No oxygen is getting to my brain. The first half of the day at work I drink coffee. The second half, water. Eat? Maybe. This isn't really even existing. Not for me, not for my son.

Saturday will bring Kayaking if the weather doesn't turn bad. We had a great kayak camping trip back in March. I'll have to post a picture of the shells and sand dollars we found. Before or after kayaking will be Spiderman 3. Anyone want to come along?


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